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Has your dog excelled at previous training sessions? Are you looking for more commands to teach? If so, you can take your dog’s obedience training to the next level by signing up for the advanced obedience training sessions of Kate Sullivan Pet Dog Training Services.

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Although most training sessions performed by Kate are in the comfort of your home, you can begin your dog’s advanced training by teaching them new commands in different environments. This will solidify your lead and improve your dog’s behavior in unfamiliar areas.

Learn advanced commands in different environments

When you’re ready for it, your dog can begin training sessions for off-leash commands. By taking off your dog’s leash, you’re freeing them to run around and entrusting them to stay by your side and listen to your commands. These sessions will allow such actions to take place.

Introduce your dog to

off-leash training commands

When you choose Kate Sullivan Pet Dog Training Services as your dog trainer, you can schedule an appointment for the day or evening. Kate also trains on the weekend!

Training courses at their best

Teach your dog advanced obedience training commands

Advanced obedience training