"Specializing in Private In-Home Training"

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You can provide your puppy with the proper training it needs for an obedient, happy, and friendly life by relying on the effective puppy training of Kate Sullivan Pet Dog Training Services. You’ll also be given the tools you need raise your puppy. Set up your initial evaluation today!

  • Learn to raise a happy, well-socialized, calm puppy

  • Depending on the breed, training can start at 8 to 10 weeks

  • Positive motivational training

  • Issues addressed: how to effectively house train your puppy, mouthing, jumping, chewing, barking, crate training, socialization and handling exercises

  • Basic obedience taught: sit, stay, down, come, emergency recall command, leash work

You and your puppy can enjoy a happy life with help from Kate:

If you’re hesitant about bringing a stranger into your home to train your puppy, there’s no need to worry because Kate has 20+ years of experience training puppies. She’ll make your puppy feel comfortable and start their training off correctly.

Your puppy will always be comfortable

Train your puppy the right way from the beginning

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