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"Kate is a pleasure to work with and her techniques get results. I had done group obedience classes with a previous puppy, but the in-home, individual sessions are wonderful. We learned basic good behaviors in a way that worked with our excitable puppy. We walked out in the real world - with real distractions - and could show Kate behavior issues in their natural setting in our house. The one on one attention and flexibility to your dog's individual progress just can't be matched in a group class."

- Shelley


"I am writing this recommendation to share with you the positive training experiences I have had with Kate Sullivan. I have known Kate for approximately 5 years; I contacted her when my husband Harry and I adopted our first Doberman, Ella. I had no experience with Dobermans and wanted a professional trainer to come to my home and evaluate us and give us a training program that we could follow on our own. Ella, Harry and I began training with Kate in late 2010. By the end of the first lesson, Kate addressed Ella's leash pulling and shyness and started us out with all the basic commands. By the time our classes finished, Ella was a well-behaved, well-adjusted member of our family. And I had the tools needed to continue on with Ella's training. We have since adopted 2 other females - Angel, a Doberman mix and Roxy, a Min/Beagle mix - all 3 dogs have been benefited from Kate's training and experience. She has a calm, quiet demeanor that dogs gravitate towards, she promotes positive training/reinforcement which enables the dog to flourish, and she truly loves her "students." Kate always makes herself available- she returns my calls promptly and has always offered training suggestions and/or information that I can put to immediate use. I believe the biggest benefit we have gained by working with Kate has been to understand what our dogs need and expect from us by learning how they think. She not only taught us what we needed to do to train our dogs but she also explained the logic behind those actions with patience and many hands-on demonstrations. Kate is, in my opinion, one of the best trainers in the Pittsburgh area and I would highly recommend her."

- Pat White


“Kate understands the mind of the dog almost as if the dog were human. She understands its needs, moods, and instincts. She works with you to find humane, practical ways to train your dog and, with some patience her recommendations work very well. I would recommend her to anyone.”

- John Hurwitz

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