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  • Obedience training is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time and commitment to train a new behavior.

  • Keep your training sessions short but frequent. Train two to three times a day and keep your training positive. Never drill a dog.

  • Never hit a dog for any reason or use a crate as punishment.

  • Never train if you are angry or frustrated. Dogs respond much better to a calm, confident owner.

  • In order to become proficient at a command a dog must train in a variety of environments with distractions. If your dog sits when being fed this does not mean he will sit when greeting people. He must be trained to sit when greeting.

  • Exercise is as important as obedience training. An under exercised dog is a problem, a tired dog is a good dog.

  • It takes very little to reinforce negative behavior. Feed a dog from the table once or twice, and now he won't stop begging at the table. Respond to barking when he wants to play and now you have a dog that won't stop barking for attention.

  • Always remain calm when correcting your dog. Shouting and chasing will only excite the dog and turn discipline into a game.

  • You can't have two sets of rules for your dog, if he jumps on you he will jump on company. It is not fair to correct your dog for jumping on company when he is allowed to jump on you.

  • Remember – your dog wants your attention. He will either learn to get it through positive or negative behaviors. The more attention and praise you give good behavior, the better behaved your dog will be.


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